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Chapter 103 News

    V V A Chapter 103; V V A, NYSC and V V A National news and press releases are posted on this web page.

    The Defense P O W / M I A Accounting Agency (DPAA)

    The mission of the DPAA is ... "to provide the fullest possible accounting for our missing personnel to their families and the nation."

    The DPAA provides an extensive and informative web site to explain their mission, vision and values.

    Click here to view the home page of the DPAA web site.

    The DPAA official video:

    VVA Guidance for the Rapid Appeals Modernization Program

    Military Service Records

    Veterans (surviving spouses and specific next-of-kin) may request military service records from the National Archives.

    In the past, Veterans could obtain military service records by obtaining, completing and submitting via the U.S. Postal Service a pre-printed Standard Form-180—an inconvenient, laborious and lengthy process, at best.

    Advances in technology now allow The National Archives to provide on-line, facsimile, SF-180 or letter requesting of military service records.

    For a full explanation of the current military records request process, click on the image below to view the National Archives Veterans Service Records web page.

    Click to open the National Archives Veterans Service Records web page.

    The Paper Safe

    Click to open the Home page of the Associates of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. web page.

    From the Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. web site: when a Veteran dies or becomes unable to make important decisions, family all too often cannot locate the financial and personal information required to carry out the final wishes or intentions of that Veteran.

    The "Paper Safe" was created to organize and record that information in one document. A will or trust, notwithstanding, a completed Paper Safe can greatly help survivors during a stressful time.

    The AVVA Paper Safe is linked below in two versions: (1) An Adobe file to be printed and then completed while off-line. (2) A fillable Adobe file to be completed and printed while on-line.

    Paper Safe Document (1) Paper Safe Document (2)
    22 Page, Printable Blank Copy 22 Page, On-Line Fillable Copy
    Complete Off-Line Complete On-Line & Print
    Click to open the unfilled version of the AVVA Paper Safe Click to open the fillable version of the AVVA Paper Safe.

Vietnam Veterans
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