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Watchfire 2015 Wood Donations

Donations of clean wood: pallets, cut wood, tree limbs will be accepted for the Watchfire.

The Watchfire Committee does not have resources to transport donated wood.

The Watchfire occurs 24 May 2015, but the days we can accept such materials in the designated area of the Watchfire site are from Wednesday, 20 May 2015 through Friday, 22 May 2015 ending at 9:00 AM.

The Watchfire is constructed on Friday, 22 May. We cannot accept more combustibles once construction has begun.

Please note: We cannot accept snow fencing or any other material containing petroleum based products; such as, creosote.


The next Watchfire has been scheduled to take place on Sunday, May 24th, 2015 in the Veterans Memorial Watchfire Park, New York State Fairgrounds, Syracuse, NY. (See annotated aerial photograph at page end).

The Watchfire ceremony and lighting of the pyre commence at dusk, but do go earlier to get a good spot! Food and drink vendors will be on-site.

The Watchfire stems from the military tradition that following a battle or long march, a large fire would be started so those missing or lost could locate and rejoin their comrades. Using that time honored model symbolically, we use the warmth and light of our Watchfire to guide everyone to join us in reflection of those comrades who have gone before us and made our nation strong through their service and sacrifice.

VVA Chapter 103 uses the Watchfire and accompanying ceremony to make Memorial Day more meaningful for everyone in the community. We invite Veterans and Non-Veterans to gather at the Watchfire to honor those who have so faithfully served the nation.

The 1995 Watchfire honored the American Veterans of World Wars I, II and Korea. In 1996 we dedicated the event to the Gold Star Mothers. The 1997 event was dedicated to honor Women in Service. Please help us to ensure that Memorial Day does not pass without a suitable remembrance of the women who have served and are serving the nation. The years following 1997 have been dedicated to all United States of America Veterans.

Come join us at the Watchfire to make Memorial Day an event that honors all those who have served and given their all for our way of life.

The Watchfire also allows VVA Chapter 103 to provide the community with an opportunity to respectfully retire unserviceable American Flags. You are encouraged to bring tattered, worn or faded American Flags for respectful burning on the pyre.

Vietnam Veterans of America
Central New York Chapter 103
P.O. Box 675
Liverpool, NY 13088



The Veterans Memorial Watchfire Park

Click here for terrestrial map view, satellite photo view, and driving directions.